Saturday, December 26, 2009

They say

The sea offers the extremes of hope and death.
I love you, but the love is in the shadow under the sun.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Ever had those feelings that seize you in the middle of the night?Those deep-seated thoughts that transport you to a flimsy reality and rupture you with a remembrance of the past.They remind you of certain people and you wonder how they are now.You attempt a conversation with them and mutter words under your breath,and you imagine catching up with them like the good old days. You begin to be more aware than ever,of the submerged feelings and wish you will be bold to at least,articulate and express them.You tug at your own soul in the process and hate yourself for being such a hypocrite. And at those times,you could palpably experience that you have co-existed in both worlds - that of the conscious and subconscious. And you begin to rethink about the mortality of existence.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Bake me a significance

Winter, many people adore.
The cold winds blew our cheeks and the trickles of rain against the skin.
The people on the streets were clad in their fashionable wear, ready for the day.
The days were abundant with peace and joy tinged their tips and edges.
The moments became captured on screens and immortalized in our memory.

Shoving past, people were busy with their agendas.
The buildings were an eclectic mix of the new and really old.
But they speak volumes of truth and history.
My mind was expanded and knowledge blew me off, like the winds and the rains.
The smallest detail turned into the biggest magnified vision.
The little trivials became important at random.
I collect them all, all these days.
They meant something.

I finally saw my dreams coming alive.
My idolized artworks and artists were no longer at face value, but they were intimate with me.
All my life, I have committed to these objects of worship but they have objectified me instead.
My thoughts cry out and I have to hide them. But bittersweet, I swallow those exclamations.
I think I slept like a baby at night, in the comfort of God’s protection.
I know He covered me.
My weaknesses were forgiven.
My strengths were used.
I knew.

Cornucopia of choices, we have that.
We made our choice, we went ahead with them.
We were decisive and we do not contradict.
We need to be independent and not be fearful.
We learn about ourselves and others.
Deep down, we pray.
And hope each day is safe and safer.

And we are back, only to be at the beginning again.
Winter, many people adore.