Wednesday, June 27, 2007

well, u can check out this product at
i had a free trial of pinkmagic today. it left my a pink patch on my left hand the whole day. it is amazing how WE as girls want to have pink rosy cheeks, and matte pink kissable lips... and the other pinkish parts of the female body. this is like THE only definition of beauty. as a pink lover, i do enjoy looking and feeling pink. but this little product is way too dumb, and too expensive. it's time to have other pink alternatives, pirates!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sunday, June 24, 2007

water too little

It’s back to school for somebody. It’s also like the end of holidays for me.. the end of a long sweet dream. My plans for july are not confirmed yet, this leaves me with much doubt and questioning how I am going to get back. I am still pretty tired from the camp and everything, the past week of state of recovery does not really seem to help. I wish I can always sleep till no tomorrow. ..i’m finding a pair of shoes, my shoes are taking turns to break up these days. So I hope I can find a pair before the GST hike rushes in. and maybe another pair of jeans too.but these days, there’s skinny jeans all around and I so hate them.. don’t people wear normal jeans anymore?so these are my very shallow thoughts for july 2007.

Beautiful in God's eyes

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

When the house of God is not about anything or whatever.

Church camp REVIVAL has ended, so is the TURI RESORT batam trip over the weekend.

Do you really love God or just the gifts He has to offer?
I found a release of my soul that was encased in a small world through the past week. Away from the floods of noises, I had perfect solace worshipping God and listening patiently to His word throughout, more geared up also because I was in the warm presence of His beloved chosen people. I have learnt a big deal on how making wise decisions can be often painful and how God can melt one’s defenses in the face of His wonders. Opening up my relationship with somebody was a form of happiness and freedom, getting closer to my church pals was a breakthrough of gold. And my little reminiscing of friendships…Though physically, there was not much of rest, there was livid energy of God’s power that spills out of my veins to fellowship, to lead and to love. I hold scared each moment relishing in the garden walk with God and how He can exalt my horn and extend his hand of favor to every corner of my life, more importantly, is the reminder that we are all created for more. I heard God call to me at the last day of camp that I was not borne to be just an art teacher; my destiny will overcome the rags of worldly disasters. Though obedience can be gut-wrenching, the rewards of obedience will come only if I listen and follow, just like Noah who chose to listen to God’s outlandish request of building an ark in his culture. Though he was slandered and insulted to build an ark in dry land, Noah was named by God as righteous and blameless, one who had truly walked with God. So I will obey, so that my light will not be shut off, and not be a salt that loses its saltiness. God desires us to reach from His hand to His face, like how Jacob did, from Bethel to Penei , and His love language teaching us to treat Him like an honored guest in our own rabbit holes, love the blesser and not the blessings and to love His people, because that’s what he loves most!

Isn’t it magnificent, the wonders of His great love? Can we find it anywhere else? No, no, no. When we don’t scale the heights of Godly love and live the way He wants us to, we forfeit the light we have, we give up the degree of His protection and guidance and answers to our prayers. Prayers are not just about talking to God; it is about experiencing Him totally, immersed completely. It is the end of my mountain top experience, but my soul is filled to its peak.

Friday, June 08, 2007

life is..

Writing about life is broad. Yet writing must always be about life. Life is a piece of performance, it is fleeting and it ceases in a short while in the span of eternity. Life excites and disappoints, life occupies and departs. Life is equivocating to the human soul, and life goes beyond comprehension. Everyone has a different version of what life is, because it is viewed scrupulously in different perspectives. If life is a gift, it is a mystery gift that is impossible to unravel in the capacity of a human’s intelligence. If life a full wholesome sentence, it is a long joining sentence that is heavily punctuated. If life is a winding river, it is a river that meanders slowly through the oceans and continents of the gigantic universe. If life is a miracle, it will break, amaze and impress the ignorance of humans. If life is a marketplace, it must bustle with noises and deafen one’s ears. If life is a story, it is one with an inexplicable beginning and abrupt ending. If life is a running race, it must define its top runners and losers respectively in an impartial manner. If life is valuable currency, it should be kept protected in the vintage treasure chest in the Carribean seas. If life is a pirated memory, it must be of borrowed experiences and momentary feelings. If life is an exotic strange fruit, it should be sweet-tasting and lingers on the taste buds of every tongue. If life is a pause, it will pause here. Right now and here.

070607 Sushi Tei Vivo City

That's me, meishan and ann. One year has passed since we went our own ways. Me and mei to pursue our degree and ann working out there fighting fire in her school. Time is speeding, which is very good. Looking back,the past year has been one gritting teeth through tears. We had struggled and fought in school with our new foreign subject on top of art. We had times of wanting to beat back time, give up and hang loose. We had times of breaking down and thinking whether it was all worth it. We had times of patting one anothers' backs to spur one another on in this tiresome journey. We never did find our answers. But the year had nonetheless, ashamedly by God's grace, passed peacefully for us.

And so we got our results yesterday. Bad or good, the next semester will arrive at our toes very soon. We will go on, in fervour or in fear. That is the only way out for each one of us. The only way.

Knock me out of my dreams today and curb the fleeting heart. I need to be still. I need to be humble. I want to experience naked joy in short happiness.

So that I can be an olive tree flourishing in the house of God.