Thursday, November 12, 2015

We met again today

I cried when I saw you again,
I haven't for a long time.

Seeing you raked up the past with the things we did together.

I could remember so vividly how, why and when we were even there doing what we did,
The happiness of memories we have shared together.
Everything was new but was worth having it with you.

My heart is aching now, just looking at the images of us, our actions and movements and our together,
I wish they can still be done again.

Just you and me, connected by just you and me.
Without a care for the world,
With only our love for art.

You lived the love out and I love the life you lived
You love me for who I am, inside out.
I will never have someone like you again in my life.

I have missed you and I didn't know it is so bad.
I don't think this missing will ever be over,
And I am surviving on so little.

It hurts even to say, come back.

Monday, November 02, 2015