Sunday, March 25, 2007

glam, thoughts, look glam again

I haven’t written out my thoughts for some time. Days have been dressing up, going out,..rushing and rushing like no one’s business. So much that I felt that nothing has been done despite the mad rush against evil time. Finally, there is some little time to jot down some frills in the mind. Joanna is back and I am very thankful how God has brought this friendship through for the two of us for the past six years. Times have changed, we have changed, but this friendship remains what it should remain. I desire that she can stay closer to God and not be inflicted by sullen emptiness of the world. I believe that the lessons God is teaching her will cradle her somewhere.. sometime. The night out with her and somebody and everyone else was relaxed and pleasurable, though it was rather humid in the night. Flashing back.. I am also glad that my friendship with alen and sri have grown much since the beginning of this semester. So much giggles, sick jokes and complains, do make up a great deal of my uni third year life. It is immense joy to have them around. I am also beginning to see and think deeper about somebody and i. I hope to grasp a future together soon. And it is dreamy just to think about the beyond for us. He commented that my new slippers were interesting. I thought of writing this down, though it sounds silly. but it is really because it is rare that he will notice what I wear or put on. I’m happy the slippers did caught his eyes. I need to make sure that I don’t plunge into some major sicknesses the next few weeks to come. It is going to be intense preparations for easter and exams are lurking somewhere, not to mention my Philippines trip. I am beginning to enjoy collecting little memories in my life. They make up a whole of goodness to this life that God has given. Knowing the position that God has situated me, I am an overcomer in all trials, and I need to keep reminding myself to prepare myself beforehand, so that I can plug into his power at the right time, right place…

In the marketplace of my thoughts, I have some questions lingering somewhere in an almost clairvoyant nature. Is unspoken better than spoken? Is it better to be silent and move on? Why must things happen in that unexplainable manner that drains one of shouts and sobs?

I wanna be a glam girl touring the contours of the whole wide world, kissing the juicy sweetness of love and memories and resting in a baby's cradle peacefully.

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Sri said...

Hey girl, I dropped by your blog after a really long time and I'm so happy that you are enjoying your life!
It's such a joy to be around you and I'm glad too that our friendship has grown.
Hugs! Cheers to more love, giggles and dirty jokes!!
I so hope i can make it for your performance. I really wanna catch you in action!
Muaks! See ya in a about 15 hours' time!