Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Most Introverted Self

If you are wondering if I have disappeared, I probably have, since you do not really see or hear much of my presence which is very much a physical evidence of my existence. Nonetheless, this season of isolation brings a different kind of splendor that is beautiful as well. I have kept much to myself these days, yes, in my simple delights that are compatible with the intoxicating chocolate smells at Boon Lay MRT station. Also, in my little enrichment from books each day, and I just keep on hiding in the fiction of them all. Feeding the brain, soul in heart, and the outer shell each day, is my daily must-do.Each morning, though with pitiful drags from bed, begins with my heart smiling at the journeys to school. God’s words sing into me sometimes mantra-like, but sometimes a warm pat on my shoulder that He has survived me through this hard period. I miss my friends and if you are wondering, you are probably one of them.

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