Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yes, another beginning...another end

you slipped the dead of my night into my room softly,
you stirred the melancholy of my dreams to your restful caress.

I released the promise of my love into your room faintly,
I borrowed the cuddle of your dreams to my famished spirit.

you roused the hush of my reverie to your mellow goodness,
you gently revived the firefly from my repose.

I dwindled in our phantasmagoria and bathed myself in your tenderness,
I regretfully resurrected the firefly anonymous.

the gloom offers itself to the light,
the firefly dances himself to the song,
I cede myself to you.

the light abandons the gloom,
in the firefly, his dance and song romp,
I cede myself to you too.

You slipped from my hands, sands of bliss never wanting to be held,
You stirred from my arms, silhouettes of dreams in the memories of my room,

I yearned for the loving clasp of your hands, bliss, slipped when ---- beckons,
I pined for your arms again, memories of your room contour my delicate dreams,

a weak surrender of the night,
a poignant ghost of reminiscences
a pallid pale of passion.

a somnolent resignation of the night,
an antecedent of bygone days
a lurid poem of twilight glow.

A firefly in the dead of the night.
A phantom in the melancholy of my dreams.
A nothingness in the hollowness of love

A praying mantis in the fortune of salvation.
A visitant in the darkness of her heart.
A cadence in the wholesomeness of emptiness

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