Wednesday, September 03, 2008

You made me beautiful

Can I drain every bit of the ocean for you?
No I can’t.
Can I be the sunshine that always shines for you?
No I can’t.
Can I be the butterfly that flies around you?
No I can’t.
Can I always love you?
Yes I can.

YOU illuminated my existence; polished brighter than any jewel
How the ambrosial ocean overflows like the selfless lover in you
MADE me a pseudonym of my own; your slightest stirring spelt me eternity
Noble is the indefatigable sunshine emanating from your pristine heart
ME and you, dissolve in the enchanting nakedness of the night
Kissing like fluttering butterflies; they burn in ignominy and unspeakable silence
BEAUTIFUL is how you author my immortality; awarding fodder to my soul
Should you spare me from your indivisible love, my heart rains with diamonds of gratefulness.

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