Friday, October 17, 2008


I read a novel last night, within a span of 2 hours. I had not done it at such a speed for so long a time. It was a familiarity that enfolded me, and words that apprised me to occupy my mind with something else such as this. The English Teacher by R.K. Narayan . Through the novel, I pondered over some gentle thoughts. It had been aeons. I had been ruthless to myself like how Krishna’s wife, Susila, had treated herself. Possibly, I could be like her. After Susila had passed away, she was determined to communicate and connect the life and afterlife worlds together. She finally could say to Krishna the things she never breathed a word of when she was alive. She became wiser, and he became enlightened. That immutable joy, of both being deeper in love than ever.

Communication is to love what blood is to life
Intimacy requires effective communication

Communicate, even after death. How forceful are these words.
My heart asunder. The back of my mind came alive. Could I have found a ladder in the abyss only to experience it crumbling on my way out ? Or was it a blade of grass I was hanging on to at the brink of the well? It was only the veriest straw that I saw that made me thought I was on land. No, I was drowning. I could have drowned.

I was awarded the most dashing dressing table last night. A surprise gift that was lovingly designed made and planned. It is his heart that spoke of such a love for me.He told me. Like the way we celebrated my birthday in the house that I am going to stay for a long time, now I have something that he had created specially for me in this beautiful house. I can’t wait to show and tell the world. Envy will make your day. Every detail of our house is posh and chi-chi and is (mine!! ours!!) It is a house of love. A sweet love that I can snuggle in comfort. A home I can go back to. The way it is because of what we wanted. It had followed the plan well. We are great partners-in-actions, the best pair of collaborators.

It is time to move. A change of environment is healthy for the mind and soul.

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Tricia said...

I would love to visit your new house, have a cup of coffee with you, catch up on each other's lives... and maybe cook up a storm. ;)

Be back in January, see you soon!