Saturday, January 10, 2009


bedsheets can really be a feature by itself.

we have new chairs for this new year.=)

Year 2009 was what I had been gazing at. In the past week, I was asked 2 questions that again brought me into the space where I ponder. "What is your endpoint in teaching?" , "Are you tired already?"..For someone who has not really worked in her life and relatively NEW to teaching, I think fatigue, being jaded and blah blah, should not even exist at this point, isn't it?

I had waited long for this job to finally start. Being in PJC was very much because people had believed in me. But I REALLY wonder "Is that all I had been waiting for?" I am not so sure anymore. Have I changed my mind? The song says we change our minds the way we change clothes. Mercy, I don't know why I am going through this coaster of thoughts that hardly does me any good. Yes I ply into myself these large amounts of questions each day and I get tired more easily than before. IT is so WEIRD. I feel that I am isolating myself from some things,as though building a protective shield so that I won't get hurt again. Yet the festival of new things serenade in such celebrative mode that I am just swirling in my own world.

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