Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mystery Pic Revealed

Hi my beloved students,

Just when you are wondering what this work is about, don't kill me for revealing the truth.

This work is a sculpture by local artist Yeo Chee Kiong. He is often quoted as "him and his creative medium". A similar work by him is done in the National Museum of Singapore – “A Day Without a Tree”. (centre pic)

This is his blog address:

The title of this work is “Endless Night”.
Here is the abstract of the work—Night is both an abstract concept and a daily, natural phenomenon. With Endless Night, local sculptor Yeo Chee Kiong takes an endlessly imaginative, “romantic-minimalist” point of view to materialize and explore “night” and its related phenomena of ever-changing darkness, shadows. dreams, dreamers, silence and loneliness.

Definitely a work that can be used for public display,given that the materials used are safe and durable.

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