Saturday, April 03, 2010

Portrait of a broken visage

In this portrait, we see fragments of hurt
Pain underlined
And lips dried with words
The wrinkles enmeshed in a long forgotten love
Tears not yet flowing
But about to be unleashed
Eyes too dim with what reality can offer
The night was long
But morning, too miserable to unfold
Cheeks aglow with that of yesteryears
The forlornness, oh who will know?
Silence too deep to ponder
Words far and beyond
There was loneliness.
Nostrils breathing a new vista of impossibilities
Awaiting the new
In this portrait, the sunshine has gone
The sea with its tidal waves
Reaching out to the stars we have kissed
The kite is flying
To a distance we do not know
The journey home is but, a maze of uncertainties
In this portrait, a broken visage
Masked with a hardened existence
When will you be near again?
To sing me an affection
And hear me cry once more?
As you stand, my portrait remains.
Letters penned with a heart of regrets
May you receive them, but please do smile.

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