Friday, July 23, 2010

Inception is my movie...

"Inception" by Christopher Nolan.This movie has struck more chords than one in me.It has drawn me to watch it not so much because it has hit US box office big time but because of the legendary name of Nolan,the man who
 is obsessed with the human mind.This movie undeniably articulates my mind,it is brilliant in its generous showcase of the enigma of art and science.Dreams,the pivot of this movie,are assiduously  studied,dissected,re-created,as though meant for a dreamer like myself. Just heard that there are up to 6 interpretations for this movie but Im staying true to what I first understood. The ability to construct a whole new by the power of the mind is an amazing human feat,a great vortex of a mystery that is eternally insolvable. They say artists have that,to see an angel in the stone the way Michelangelo did,how we envision our artistic creations by a pure plug-in of imagination. "Inception" must the treasure trove of Nolan's lifework .It crackles with his passion that lends a cautionary tale to us never to stop believing in him.

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