Sunday, May 13, 2007

dream alive

Last week was a true bumming week for me after the exams. But good in the sense I met up with my friends like anthony, alen, sri, edwin, yongqing and chuyia. Was emotional and frustrated with having no jobs yet at the moment. But managed to fulfill the things I had wanted to do like packing up my books and clothes and sending my printer and lappy for service. It is another week for me again. I have some plans but the bigger plan will soon come in. its like a dream I had in the week.. the jog of life left my legs aching. Distractions pour in and barricaded the laps. But still, I will go on. I am such a workaholic who cannot rest. Somebody is my blessing, we had a swim, we had so much fun and joy and we ended the week with a seoul garden feast. What lavishness in life am I enjoying. simply no reason to drown in tears, isn’t it ? money will come, as I give more. Worries must not take centrestage, God must come first in all. Love makes one happy, love fills one’s soul. I must face the tremors and rumors of an adulthood with more and more courage and patience so that I can win over the world for God. God must head, I must follow. And peace is what the heart craves. The rumbles of the tummy echoes the drumming of the head. To hear the priceless of what each man seeks. Keep the dream alive. May the golden pen tip of my pen draws the shades of freedom today.

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