Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a piece of sponge cake stuck

I have rushing my butt to finish the two drafts of my two papers due in early July. Judging from the progress, I think I am doing fine, except that it is headache to recall details of Tupada Xing: Social Contact ‘07. One of my papers will be a record of this event, a journal-style kind of. Nothing concrete is out here, so the gist of my writings has not arrived. But really thanks to those who have been corresponding with me in the emails.
Therefore, I am blogging to clear off some dirt in the mind before I hit my pen again. That‘s my problem. I am too unobservant. Every time I travel, I don’t seem to remember specific details of where I had gone to and the names of people. At the end, I returned from each trip with a feeling. Maybe I am just too in touch with the feel of things and often float in my own world, that explains the insensitivity to details. I wish I have Kaye or Rommel to sit beside me to help me with my writings!
Nonetheless, I am grateful to God for this season. At one point, I was driven to desperation and my soul was frustrated as I was out-of -job and things just became dusty with meaninglessness. But my two good tuition jobs have arrived and the session last night was satisfactory. Also, I am invited to Bucheon International Performance Art Festival (BIPAF) in Korea in early August.(let’s hope I can make it there, I would think Korea is gonna be another eye-opener to me) and on top of that I am also invited to 12th NIPAF Asia in Japan and TIPAF in Taiwan. God has really been good, but it is just unfortunate that I have to reject going to Taiwan and Japan as it is not the time to go. I hope I can go next year though. Somehow, I wish to be able to travel as much as possible to perform before I begin work in 2009. But of course, the financial part will be a huge burden if I cannot manage to get grants.
I miss my friends in the Philippines, I wonder when I will go there again. They thought of me when they were at the BEACH in Rommel’s hometown! David shared with me a song by Chris Rice in his album Smell the Colour 9, what I could pick up from the lyrics “Every day’s life is a bank account, everyone has 24 hours, no one is rich, no one is poor…. “ (life is what you make of that 24 hours)..I saw my insurance agent’s money statement yesterday; he earned a total of $285000 the whole of last year. I went back, so unattracted to it.

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