Monday, December 31, 2007

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Alen is my "mistress". I am glad to have a friend like him simply because his heart is genuine towards me. We have walked a year of friendship in NIE and I can count on him to swerve me back on track whenever I seem to choreograph my life wrongly. We can talk about anything and eveything and I can always be myself around him. I do not yet know where God has sent such a great soul to my life but he sure brightens up the gloomy days in school. I enjoy fighting fire with him in school and working hard, paying our dues and laughing our hearts out each time to offset tensions around. We are quite different, but we are doppelgangers for each other. We have a certain passion for life and we think along the same tangent as well. we may look like the oddest pair of friends around but I am sure this frienship can prove itself to the test of time. I cannot ask for more, except that he will be an overcomer, like a river, through hard knocks and crashes that life offers in an oversentimental way. To 2008, we shout a big cheer and may fireworks fall in our way in celebration and joy.

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