Thursday, December 27, 2007

Helpless in a Manger

It must be eons since I have written anything that is solid. December came the way I thought it will, and it sure did. It is the most fast-moving month and events crudely overlap and stack bluntly on one another. I hardly can breathe. I hardly can say no to anything. That is the hallmark of what December can be and perhaps, should be. Who really cares about the individual?

If Christmas is really not about partying till one drops, or being totally jolly with grins and smiles, Christmas then, should be one of solitude. That is why the song “Silent Night” is still sung after two decades or more. The image of Jesus as a cute baby in a manger is not just an icon that is pulled out every year’s Christmas. The Nativity story is not just a folktale or legend. Far from the helplessness as a baby in a manger, Jesus is about a man’s death on the cross, and a life resurrected, leaving behind an empty tomb. Jesus is no icon, image or legend, Jesus is about a life given up for our lives. So that we can live today.

So, what I want Christmas to be is to understand more about Jesus in our peace, and use the time given to rest, recuperate, reflect and set the foot right for next year. I cannot imagine partying till the 31st and tada, another year again. I must be drifting off from the crowd, or the norm. But I am happy. Happy to be quiet, happy to be contented.

Here I pray out loud to God my Father. For next year, I want to be freed of my time to do the things I want and need to do. I also want to love more than ever, love difficult people in my life and love unconditionally. Lastly, I want to have more money so that I can give and share more. Sounds generic, but I really want to achieve these next year. It is my last year of school and first year of working fulltime and for a very long time onwards.

Till next year, I will still be with Him =)

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