Thursday, December 20, 2007

the year ends

curtains fall.
the year starts to unwind itself like a loose old video tape.
I hardly have time to ponder.
or have some resolutions to frame.
my thoughts splatter like some sour puke.
ready for an extreme hangover the day after.
and the body, aches with short spurts of energy.
exclaiming "All I want for Christmas is You".
my imagination pulls tight like threaded pearls.
but breaks at God's conviction on me.
my song is in tunes of love.
prideful ego like a little child.
I cannot dream anymore.
my eyes need to fix themselves on the lamp's light.
words must not fall.
smiles, are about God's glory
that is not a thousand miles away.
but within me.
the year ends.
the curtains unveiled.
it is here again.

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