Sunday, August 05, 2007

BIPAF '07 Leaving Bucheon City (3rd to 5th August 2007)

A sound from me in Korea. Right now, I am in the hotel room in Hotel Kobos, Bucheon City, Seoul. Today is the second day of the performance fest (Bucheon International Performance Art Festival) at Central Station Bucheon. It has been a great two days here getting to know the culture, language and friends from Finland, Australia and America. I am the youngest performer around and Hong O-Bong (organiser) calls me his 'performance daughter'. Indeed, as much as we need unity in life, we also need that richness in diversity. We can't be living in a homogenous Macdonalds' World, isn't it? I like the peace here, streets are relatively quiet with light traffic. But it can get boring because we do not know any hangout places and language is definitely a barrier to many of us. I am staying in the hotel with Agnes Yit and Irma Optimist (Finland)- 3 beautiful women in the room. Most of us have already performed yesterday. Today, the bulk of them are Korean artists and one Japanese artist- Yasuo (he has been very helpful in teaching me Korean language and written characters- he reminds me of Todd-the very 'monkish' kind of baldheaded guy.) There are mostly women performance artists here, only two guys and one translator whom Agnes and I do not really trust-an opportunist guy who has a pediatrician gf in Singapore, 42 years old.

Anyway, we need some mental rest, I need to have more money with me- my Won is depleting very fast, because the things here are really expensive, each time u ask "Olumaeyo?" (how much?)- the minimum is 1000 Won!). I also need to go and change my Somebody's T-sirts- I woke up this morning and realise that the shirts I bought are far too small- I hope and pray they can let me change the sizes though I did not keep the receipts- I hope the Japanese can help me communicate later =( I am so bad at estimating human sizes! And I do not want to waste money! We are leaving Bucheon tomorrow morning, so I can still use the Internet and go on Msn and use the hotel phone to make international calls for first 5min free. We will be travelling to Kimcheon City on Monday morning by the Korean shinkansen (korean rail). From Tuesday onwards, we will go to Sacheon City till Wednesday. Returning to Singapore on Thursday from Bucheon City to Incheon International Airport. This week ahead, I want to focus on my performance and do a good job. I don't want to think about anything else because I know once I step on Singapore again, it is a storm of things in the head. There might be a typhoon this afternoon here too. I wonder how it will be like! I need to be sane.

Goodbye Bucheon, may we meet again when I start to learn some Korean.

Dreams, I have some. Breath, I have much. Love, I have one.
God, thanks for loving me.

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