Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Memorize a Kiss

Now I have something to say to the elders in your group. I am also an elder. I myself have seen Christ's sufferings. And I will share in the glory that will be shown to us. I beg you to take care of the group of people that you are responsible for. They are God's flock. Watch over that flock because you want to, not because you are forced to do it. That is how God wants it. Do it because you are happy to serve, not because you want money. Don't be like a ruler over those people you are responsible for. But be good examples to those people. Then when the Ruling Shepherd (Christ) comes, you will get a crown. That crown will be very glorious, and it will never lose its beauty.
1 Peter 5:1-4 (ERV)

God's words are cubes of gold when the gangs of sea in my soul are very dry.. esp.
when i want to lead my own life
when i feel like a hermit
when i feel like shutting the world off
when i want vanity to take over
when i want to be in a own world
when i dread going to church
when i refuse to serve His people

i have a Greater Responsiiblity, simply because i am created by him, and him alone.
keep vigilant so that i can be the servant who is ready when he comes. And this Greater Responsibility is one that will provide me with security and joy that no one can offer.i am so won over.

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