Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Finally, this is a promise kept, promise about to be fulfilled. I can be with her again. So this is the taipei 101 that we will go and see. A long chat with Joanna last night planning our itinerary in December. Finally, we can tour together and be like before, eat, drink, chat and have fun like the days when she was still here in Singapore. We have grown up much over the years, and are beholding our plans for our own future. Even when our lives seem to be expanding in the number of commitments, friends and partners.. we still share the love like before. Best friends can go through the most frustrating moments of life, yet can savour the unimaginable teaching moments of life. Wherever she goes, wherever I go, our paths will blend into one, solely because we are the best of friends who keep this promise as one.


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