Saturday, August 25, 2007

the Second Wind, life is simple living

so we celebrated christina's bday at kbox last sun.. sang for about 5 hours while being loaded with freebies and food =) this weekend was a easy-going one, somebody and i went for a swim and cheesy pizza hut dinner, after making a face mask of him with white plaster. I have enshrined him in this piece of artwork. this week i found myself labelling the teaching of literature as a highly refined civic and moral class, found myself being an impactful influence in a good friend's life, and found sleep to be the biggest friend. like a baby, i deem sleep as top priority these days.and also, i started to look for the second wind in my faith this season like the prophet joel. the second wind like a regain in power and a restoration of the cornerstone. somehow, evan almighty refreshes me greatly. live simply, and we will be happy =)

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