Monday, September 11, 2006

i can only be prettier

What I like about polka dots is that they are always evenly polka dotted no matter how random.

I swear there will never be a day like this anymore. To the best of intentions, having woken on the wrong side of the bed, and with all the burdens of work stressing into the brain, I dressed very slack today. Goodness, adverse effects soon came my way. Bumped into Charmaine out of the blue at NIE canteen, I must have thought I was invisible in my slack wear.

“hey, what happened to you? (She looks at her friend) This is Natasha, last time she’s not like that one, my ex colleague in TWSS, every day very chio, now you dress, back to primary school is it? ( haha..)

“Oh man, this is not the best time to see you, I’m so embarrassed, I just wanted to slack and don’t care….”

I never had thought my oversized pants, oversized t shirt, matched with my fav. Guess canvas, can bear such disastrous results. She is just the first of the next few in the day who asked ‘what happened to you?”

Alright, now I understand, that once you made a statement, that “hey, I’m the dressed- up pretty kind of girl”, you just cannot afford to be slack. A total disservice to yourself. And you won’t be able to get out of it.

The truth is, I just want to dress slack today. No purpose to dress up to NIE. .So I stopped. But well, it seems to mean to many people I’m losing a part of myself by that. And it just means perhaps, I am not myself today.

I am reverting back to who I used to be, not because of others, but myself. To my skirts and high heels.. I’m back !

Hamlet says to find true madness is to be nothing else but mad myself, I must have been mad today. For once I thought the world was my spectacle, I am a spectacle of aesthetic standards today, and so I hope.


artonblog said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of artworks from SB. :)

Sophia Natasha said...

It is my pleasure. Well, that is one of the functions of my blog, so do not worry, "im just doing my duty", haha.

I realise last night, before I got to bed at 3:46am, when one looks harder into the cushion of the sky, there are really many many stars. I love star-studded nights =)

artonblog said...

Stars.... I love stars too...

I remember when I was 15 yrs old, that was when I first saw countless stars in the dark skies during a school camp... that night on I have fell in love with star-studded skies...

Singapore skies are now just too cold and hard to accomodate such beauties....